A celebrity from the fifth season of Big Brother Nigeria, Rebecca Nengi Hampson, has recently shared her thoughts on the flooding that has been occurring in Bayelsa. Nengi expressed her utter dismay at the current state of affairs and pleaded with the leadership to take additional action. She managed the delivery of aid to those affected by the flood and urged compassionate Nigerians to assist.

Because of the flooding, the people of Bayelsa have been cut off from the rest of the country, and the socialite shared her sympathy for them in a video that she uploaded to the official account she maintains on Instagram.

Nengi added, after she had finished praying for the victims, that she had made arrangements for further relief to be given to the people in Bayelsa.

She went on to ask the federal and state governments to do more, as well as good-hearted Nigerians to lend a hand in any manner they could. She also urged the international community to help in any way they could.

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kikiebonie: “Well done. This is what celebrities should be doing. This is what makes people to be celebrated. You are a queen ”

cpbillz: “Why Won’t God Keep Blessing You…LOML For A Reason ❤️❤️❤️”

teradihair: “You have a very kind heart and may God keep blessing you. May God help the people of Bayelsa.”

rantngist: “Awwww . God bless you my Queen. Thank you for all your efforts.”

ericapearl_official: “God bless you for the relief materials you sent and for having such an angelic heart, thank you for always do the best for your people. you are a leader that we all need.”