One of the most well-known musicians in Nigeria, Fireboy, was recently asked by an interviewer to choose between two prominent figures in the music industry: Olamide and Don Jazzy. Both are revered as living legends in their respective industries. Fireboy’s initial answer was Olamide, the CEO of the YBNL record company. 

Olamide was the receiver of some complimentary statements from Fireboy, which played a role in the decision of the latter to choose Olamide as the victor. Fireboy expressed his gratitude to the other two for being such legendary individuals and noted that he appreciated the other two’s status.

On the internet, users have reacted in a variety of ways to the video of Fireboy’s interview; nonetheless, the vast majority of users are of the opinion that the question he was asked was both unnecessary and inappropriately contentious.

Some of the comments that were made during the conversation are as follows:

Laffitout_: “Them suppose flog the interviewer some 2.70hl cable for throat.”

Bowlahsadiq: “Is this suppose to be a question in the first place….Listen to everything he said to answer the question!!! All Fact nd True.”

Kelper_dc: “You want make he pick another person over e chairman

Amy_nart: “So you people want him to pick someone over his helper I tire for una.”

Olu_of_nj: “Na dem dey always start fight they can’t put out. What sort of question is that?”