BBNaija reality TV show, Nina Ivy became pregnant while still married to her ex-husband, and she attempted to avoid being referred to as a baby mom by setting the wedding date for 2020.

Nina Ivy is said to be engaged to be married for a second time, and a person claiming to be her friend has come forward to assert that the wedding we attended in 2020 was a sham to protect her dignity after she became pregnant and was suspected of being a baby mama.

A close friend of Nina Ivy’s has alleged that she and her “ex-husband” were actually coworkers in the business world who became pregnant together. They faked their wedding in 2020 so that neither of them would be stigmatized as a “baby mama.”

According to reports, however, Nina Ivy has remarried African-American businessman Chris Miller.

Nina Ivy allegedly got engaged to her future husband in 2021 and spent the following seven years preparing their wedding.

The pair wed in an informal American court ceremony. A quick peek at her Instagram page will show you that this is true. The star is now known on Instagram as Nina Ivy Miller.