Buzzing, Yumbs is a brilliant musician and songwriter who has just released a new single called “Off My Mind.” Participating on the tune are well-known African musicians Focalistic, Joeboy, Bien, and Moliy.

Due to his distinctive sound and interesting lyrics, Yumbs has been causing quite a stir in the music world. Yumbs, Focalistic, Joeboy, Bien, and Moliy remarkable musical chemistry is on full display in “Off My Mind.”

Yumbs and these remarkable musicians have joined forces to create a unique sound that combines many different influences and styles. All kinds of music lovers will enjoy this fusion because it makes listening to music so much more interesting and lively.

Members of Yumbs, Focalistic, Joeboy, Bien, and Moliy can’t wait to tell their followers about this amazing collaboration. In releasing “Off My Mind,” these gifted musicians have accomplished a major goal and demonstrated their dedication to making music that has an emotional impact on listeners.

If you appreciate delightful music, this unique composition is a must-have for your playlist.

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